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Table 1 Research Design Summary

From: Empowering to engage with the homeland: do migration experience and environment foster political remittances?

Method Sample Sampling Observations Instrument Analysis
Large-N survey current Polish migrants in the UK Cluster random sampling: cluster sampling of polling stations in the UK during Polish presidential elections; simple random sampling to select respondents at the stations. 1,694 in polling stations across the UK Standardized survey questionnaire: covering demographics, migration experience, political and social attitudes, and political and social engagement. Poisson and logistic regression of homeland political engagement
Matched semi-structured narrative interviews current Polish migrants in the UK and one of their family members or friends in Poland Heterogeneity (maximum variation) sampling through a range of channels, including church, Polish associations and Internet. 34: 22 migrants in Oxfordshire and 12 close contacts in various parts of Poland Semi-structured narratve interview protocol and questionnaire Qualitative matched (comparative) text analysis of self-reported views on host-society integration, personal networks, and change in views.