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Table 3 Requirements for family migration to Sweden (2016 amendments in italics)

From: A ‘civic turn’ in Scandinavian family migration policies? Comparing Denmark, Norway and Sweden

Requirement type On foreign-citizen resident reference person On entering spouse On entering child
Language, knowledge -- -- --
Economic resources, stability, self-support Have adequate housing
Self-support (via employment; entrepreneurship or work-related benefits)
But many exemptions
Temp. law (2016–2018): Most exemptions removed; requirement extended to cover also ability to support entering spouse
-- --
Age limit Temp. law (2016–2018): Over 21 years applies for family reunification when reference person is a refugee allowed temp. res. under the temp. law -- --
Domestic violence record Migration board checks previous marriage or partnership and, and any criminal records   
Length of residence/Residence status Perm.res.-status required
Temp. law (2016–2018): All asylum seekers achieve only temp. res-status. Only Geneva refugees right to family reun. (if applied within 3 months)
-- --
Attachment to country -- --