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Table 1 A Typology of immigrant transnational health strategies

From: Combining transnational and intersectional approaches to immigrants' social protection: The case of Andean families' access to health

1. Worker’s Insurance 2. Mobility
 Public or private health insurance covering immigrants in situation of employment with (possible) extension of benefits to relatives residing in the home country  Cross-border movement of immigrant towards homeland or third country to receive care and cross-border movement of immigrant relatives to receive care in immigrant country of residence
3. Individual and Collective Remittances 4. Diasporic Health Policies
 Cash transfer from immigrants to non-migrant relatives to purchase access to healthcare in the home country and community-based forms of solidarity by which immigrants and/or relatives in the homeland are provided with means to access healthcare  Ad hoc policy responses by home country authorities to address specific healthcare needs of nationals with limited or no access to healthcare abroad with (possible) extension of benefits to non-migrant relatives residing in the home country