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Table 1 National State Actors and Advisory Boards in Germany and the Netherlands

From: Debating the ‘integration of Islam’: the discourse between governmental actors and Islamic representatives in Germany and the Netherlands

  Germany Netherlands
Government Christian Democrats/Social Democrats (2005-2009)
Christian Democrats/Liberals (2009-2013)
Christian Democrats/Social Democrats/ Christian Union (2007-2010)
Liberals/Christian Democrats (2010-2012)
Responsible Ministers Ministers of the Interior
Wolfgang Schäuble (Christian Democrats; 2006-2009)
Thomas de Maziére (Christian Democrats; 2009-2011)
Hans Peter Friedrich (Christian Social Union; 2011-2013)
Ministers of Justice
Ernst Hirsch Ballin (Christian Democrats; 2006-2010)
Ivo Opstelten (Liberals; 2010-2012)
Minister of Integration
Ella Vogelaar (Social Democrats; 2007-2008)
Eberhard van der Laan (Social Democrats; 2008-2010)
Geerd Leers (Christian Democrats; 2010-2012)
Advisory Boards German Islam Conference (DIK, since 2006) Inter-Islamic Platform for Governmental Matters (IPO, since 2005)
Consultative Council of Turks in the Netherlands (IOT, since 1986)