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Table 2 Selected Islamic Organizations in Germany and the Netherlands

From: Debating the ‘integration of Islam’: the discourse between governmental actors and Islamic representatives in Germany and the Netherlands

Islamic Organizations
Islamic Organizations
Turkish Sunni (Diyanet) Foundation Turkish-Islamic Cultural Federation (STICF)
Islamic Foundation in the Netherlands (ISN)
Turkish-Islamic Institution for Religion (DITIB)
Turkish Sunni (Milli Görüş) Dutch Islamic Federation (NIF)
Milli Görüş Northern Netherlands (MGNN)
Islamic Community Milli Görüş (IGMG)
Turkish Sunni (Süleymancılar) Foundation Islamic Center of the Netherlands (SICN) Organization of Islamic Cultural Centers (VIKZ)
Turkish Alevi Federation of the Alevi Community in the Netherlands (Hakder) Alevi Community in Germany (AABF)
Multinational Sunni and Shiite Islamic Council for the Federal Republic of Germany (IRD)
Central Council of Muslims in Germany (ZMD)
  1. Participating in Umbrella Organizations:
  2. Germany: DIK (Islamic): DITIB, VIKZ, AABF, Islamic Council (until 2011), Central Council (until 2011)
  3. Netherlands: IPO (Islamic): all; IOT (Turkish): all