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Table 1 Migration-security nexus in national security and defence strategies

From: Migration crisis in the EU: developing a framework for analysis of national security and defence strategies

Country   Document year None or low exploration Medium exploration High exploration
Austria (Federal Ministry Defence Austria, 2012) Weißbuch des Bundesheeres (2012)   
Belgium (Ministery of Defense Belgium, 2016) La vision stratégique pour la Défense (2016)    
Bulgaria (Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Bulgaria, 2010) White Paper on Defence and the Armed Forces of the Republic of Bulgaria (2010)   
Croatia (Ministry of Defence Republic of Croatia, 2013) Strategic Defence Review (2013)   
Czech Republic (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, 2015) Security Strategy of the Czech Republic (2015)   
Denmark (Danish Ministry of Defence, 2012) Danish Defence Agreement 2013-2017 (2012)   
Estonia (Estonian Ministry of Defence 2011) National Defence Strategy Estonia (2011)   
Finland (The Government of Finland, 2012) Finnish Security and Defence Policy (2012)   
France (Ministry of Defence France, 2013) French White Paper. Defence and National Security (2013)   
Germany (German Ministry, 2016) White Paper on German Security Policy and the future of the Bundeswehr (2016)   
Greece (Ministry of National Defence, Greece. 2014) White Paper on Defence (2014)   
Hungary (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Hungary, 2012) Hungary’s National Security Strategy (2012)   
Ireland (Department of Defence Ireland, 2015 ) White Paper on Defence (2015)    
Italy (Ministery of Defense Italy, 2015) White Paper for International Security and Defence (2015)    
Latvia (Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Latvia, 2012) State Defence Concept (2012)   
Lithuania (Ministry of National Defence Republic of Lithuania, 2017) National Security Strategy (2017)   
Luxembourg (The Luxembourg Government, 2016) Déclaration de politique européenne et étrangère (2016)    
Malta (The Armed Forces of Malta, 2010) The Armed Forces of Malta and Military Doctrine (2010)   
Netherlands The Dutch Defence Doctrine (Ministry of Defence of the Netherlands, 2013) Netherlands Defence Doctrine (2013)    
Poland (National Security Bureau, 2013) White Book on National Security of the Republic of Poland (2013)   
Portugal (Republica Portuguesa, 2013) Conceito Estratégico de Defesa Nacional (2013)    
Romania White Paper on Defense Romania (Ministry of National Defence of Romania, 2015) White Paper on Defense (2015)   
Slovakia (Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic, 2013) White Paper on Defence of the Slovak Republic (2013)    
Slovenia (Republic of Slovenia, 2010) Resolution on National Security Strategy of the Republic of Slovenia (2010)   
Spain (Government of Spain, 2013) Estrategia de Seguridad Nacional: un proyecto compartido (2013)   
Sweden A Functional Defence. A summary of the Government Bill (Government Offices of Sweden, 2015) Functional Defence: Government Bill (2015)   
United Kingdom (Ministry of Defence, UK, 2015) National Security Strategy and Strategic Defence and Security Review 2015 (2015)