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Table 1 Rules for immigration and working in the UK (UK Visas and Immigration, 2013a)

From: “This is not a career move” - accompanying partners’ labour market participation after migration

  Citizens from European Economic Area [EEA] - countries and Switzerland as well as partners of these citizens Third country nationals
Primary migrants Right of residence and right to work in the UK Undergo points’ assessment
Tier 1 - High-value migrants
Tier 2 - Skilled migrants
Tier 4 - Students
Partnersb Partners are allowed to join citizens from EEA-countries and Switzerland, irrespective of own citizenship; they have the right to work [Immigration (EEA) Regulations 2006] Points’ based system dependants (Tier 1, 2, 4) can apply for visa to join primary migrant; have the right to workc, are not allowed to work as doctor/dentist in training [Immigration Rules §319C-D]
Regulated professions Migrants are required to register with the appropriate competent authority and to obtain professional recognition of qualifications; predominantly within fields of teaching, medicine and law
  1. Sources: Centre for Professional Qualifications, 2016; Jayaweera & Oliver, 2013; UK Legislation, 2018; Mavroudi & Warren, 2013; UK Visas and Immigration, 2013a, 2013b
  2. aThe information is based on the year when the empirical study was conducted, since these rules applied to the interviewees
  3. bAccording to UK immigration law, a partner can be a husband, a wife, a civil partner, an unmarried or a same-sex partner
  4. cDependants of students who are granted less than 12 months leave to enter are not permitted to work
  5. EEA European Economic Area