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Fig. 1

From: Has the World Cup become more migratory? A comparative history of foreign-born players in national football teams, c. 1930-2018

Fig. 1

Immigration diversification of the selected national teams at the 1934, 1962 and 2014 World Cup. The strokes in this figure display the movements of foreign-born players from, on the left side, their country of origin to their adopted national team, on the right side, for the three World Cup editions. The number displayed on the lines, near the countries of birth, represent the absolute numbers of football players that moved between the countries for that specific edition of the World Cup. Moreover, the thicker a stroke, the more football players have moved from a particular country of birth. A stroke’s colour relates to a country of birth which, within a single edition of the World Cup, can be followed to the national teams that selected foreign-born players. Because territorial borders have changed over time, a small table is added to this figure to illustrate the relevant border changes that have occurred throughout the history of the World Cup

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