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Table 1 Outcomes of the asylum interviews between 2004 and 2015

From: Lost in limbo? Navigating (im)mobilities and practices of appropriation of non-deportable refugees in the Mediterranean area

Outcome Quantity Residence Permit Length of Residence Permit Regulated Movement and Mobility Health Care Social Benefits Access to Work
Refugee Status 4% Malta; after 5 years Entitlement to EU/EC permanent residence, then relocation to another EU country possible 3 years; renewable no geographical limitation, except country of origin full access full access work permit for 1 year; renewable
Subsidiary Protection Status 55% Malta 1 year; renewable Schengen-Area core access core access work permit for 1 year; renewable
Temporary Humanitarian Protection Status 8% Malta 1 year; renewable in case of serious humanitarian reasons also outside Maltese territory core access core access work permit for 1 year; renewable
Asylum Rejection 28% No legal right to stay (de facto toleration) De facto toleration until deportation Only within Maltese territory Only in the case of emergency limited access while accom- modated in the open center ‘permit to work’ for 3 months; renewable
Closed Cases 5%
  1. Own presentation based on Government of Malta, 2016, Caruana, 2016 and UNHCR, 2019