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Table 1 Migration history of French Guiana-born individuals, based on residence in French Guiana or metropolitan France (%)

From: How do borders influence migration? Insights from open and closed border regimes in the three Guianas

Migration history Natives who never left Natives who left for short stay abroad (less than 6 months) Returnees (long-term migration) Natives still abroad (long-term migration) Total natives
Age group
 Aged 18–34 17.3 40.0 12.4 30.3 100
 Aged 18–79 16.4 42.1 15.4 26.2 100
  1. Source: Merged data from two tables in Temporal et al. 2011, original sources are Ined-Insee, MFV 2009–2010 and 2007 census data