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Table 3 Motives of return from Europe by origin (1975–2008). Percentage of return migrants

From: Three sub-Saharan migration systems in times of policy restriction

 GhanaDR CongoSenegal
Family reasons121434
Work reasons184113
Studies reasons342318
Difficulties at destinationa5132
Administrative reasons12415
Other reasons2311
No response26
  1. Source: MAFE Biographical surveys (2008–2009)
  2. Weighted results
  3. Sample: Migrants interviewed in Europe and Africa who had stayed for at least one year in Europe and had returned to Ghana, Senegal, or Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo)
  4. Interpretation: 18% of returns to Senegal and 23% of returns to DR Congo are due to completion of education in Europe
  5. aAnswers include: financial problems / low earnings; racism / xenophobia; fed up / deceived with life abroad; hard living conditions, etc.