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Table 1 Study details

From: EU migrant retention and the temporalities of migrant staying: a new conceptual framework

Country and city Methods Respondent gender Respondent age Length of residence Occupation
Japan (Tokyo) 37 in-depth interviews, also follow-up interviews with all but six informants
Ethnographic observations
19 male
18 female
22–34 Less than 5 years at time of first interview Range of occupations (e.g. Finance, Architecture, Engineering, Marketing, Translation, etc).
(Glasgow and Edinburgh)
24 in-depth interviews
follow-up interviews with half of the sample)
12 male
12 female
25–36 At least 5 years at time of first interview Range of occupations (e.g. Architecture, HR,
Care worker, Cleaner,
Self-employed etc.).
UK (Birmingham) 18 in-depth interviews
Ethnographic observations
10 male
8 female
24–44 Less than 5 years Range of occupations (e.g. Finance, Marketing, Distribution, Warehousing, Self-employed etc.).