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Table 2 The Electoral Systems of Bolivia and Ecuador

From: Campaigning across continents: how Latin American parties link up with migrant associations abroad

  Bolivia Ecuador
Presidential Elections
(First Time) (2009) (2006)
National Legislative Elections X
(First Time)   (2007)
Special Representation X
(First Time)   (2007)
National Referendum
(First Time) (2016) (2008)
Vote Occasions abroad (Number of election days)* 4 8
Voting Modality In person (in consulates) In person (in consulates)
  1. Sources: ACE 2019; Consejo Nacional Electoral Ecuador CNE 2018; Organo Ectoral Plurinacional Bolivia OEP 2018; Palop-García and Pedroza 2017
  2. *Ecuador holds presidential and legislative elections on the same day