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Table 2 Test for sufficient conditions for the “Introduction of the alternative model” outcome

From: The impact of partisan politics on migration policies: the case of healthcare provision for refugees by German states

Term (Parsimonious solution) Left-of-center government*high debt level + left-of-center government*cost reimbursement ➔ introduction of the alternative model
Conditions Left-of-center government, low debt level of states and municipalities, high GDP, low unemployment rate, high proportion of foreigners, full cost reimbursement (CR)
Ideal type Left-of-center government*high debt level Left-of-center government*cost reimbursement
Cases with greater than 0.5 membership in the term BER (0.67,1), LS (0.67,0.67), NRW (0.67,0.67), RLP (0.67,0.67), SH (0.67,1) SH (1,1), BB (1,1), TH (1,1), BER (0.67,1), MV (0.67,0.33)
Consistency 1 0.943
PRI consistency 1 0.943
Raw coverage 0.695 0.737
Unique coverage 0.176 0.218
Solution consistency: 0.953
Solution coverage: 0.913