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Table 3 newly arrived HSMs in 2018a

From: Exploring the trajectories of highly skilled migration law and policy in Japan and the UK

Professor 3194
Artist 435
Religious Activities 872
Highly Skilled Professionals (i.e. through PBS) 531
Business manager 1790
Researcher 368
Instructor (e.g. language instructors) 3432
Engineer, Specialist in Humanities/ International Services 34,182
Intra-company transferee 9478
Skilled labour (e.g chefs) 3551
other HSMs 103
total 57,936
  1. Source: Immigration Services Agency (2019)
  2. aAs UK statistics are only available in flow data shown in Table 4, we also cited the flow data here to compare the figures of both countries. We find that the stock data of HSMs represents the true picture of HSMs. Entertainers are not in the table as they tend to stay short-term (the number of residents is only 2389 in 2018)