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Table 1 An overview of interviews conducted

From: Organising labour market integration support for refugees in Austria and Sweden during the Covid-19 pandemic

Country Interview partner Stakeholder Interview
AT R1 (Recently employed) Refugee Online and via phone
R2 (Job seeker)
R3 (Job seeker)
R4 (Student)
R5 (Job seeker)
R6 (Job seeker)
R7 (Job seeker)
O1 (Handling officer) Private support org. 1
O2 (Project manager) NGO1
O3 (Handling officer) Private support org. 2
O4 (Handling officer) NGO2
O5 (Handling officer) NGO3
O6 (Trainer) NGO1
O7 (Social worker) NGO1
O8 (Integration officer) APES
SE Handling officer 1 SPES Online, via telephone and face-to-face
Partner organisation
Manager 1 (twice)
Handling officer 2
Handling officer 3
Handling officer 4
HR specialist Large bank
Project leader 1 Initiative for entrepreneurs
Project leader 2 Municipality 1
R1 (Job seeker) Refugee
R2 (Job seeker) Refugee
R3 (Job seeker) Refugee
R4 (Job seeker) Refugee
  1. R, Refugee; O, Organiser