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Table 1 Refugee interviewee sociodemographic overview

From: Conquering the labour market: the socioeconomic enablement of refugee women in Austria

Interviewee Nationality Arrival Occupation Job finding Residence status Education in home country Education in Austria German skills
Yashfa Afghanistan 2015 Gastronomy Austrian network/institution Subsidiary protection N/A N/A B1
Damsa Afghanistan 2015 IT Austrian network/institution Asylum 7 years in private school Compulsory school Fluent
Layla Iran 2015 Bureau assistant, gardener from March 2018 Via different occasional jobs Asylum University University Fluent
Kaameh Afghanistan 2015 Kindergarten assistant Austrian network/institution Asylum High school N/A In B2 course
Hayat Iraq 2015 Bureau assistant Company supported whole family during asylum procedure, employment without German skills Subsidiary protection High school N/A In B1 course
Shabana Afghanistan 2015 Social worker Austrian network/institution Asylum Compulsory school (Iran) Social worker training In C1 course
Rima Syria 2015 Assistant at a refugee support programme Austrian institute: call for applications beneath graduates Asylum University Training for refugee academics, University Private courses, fluent
Amira Syria 2015 Architect Austrian network/institution Asylum University Training for refugee academics, University B2
Raja Syria 2015 Architect Via internship in same company Asylum University (not completed) University B2