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Table 1 Requirements for family reunification to Denmark

From: A ‘civic turn’ in Scandinavian family migration policies? Comparing Denmark, Norway and Sweden

Requirement type On foreign-citizen resident reference person On entering spouse On entering child
Language, Knowledge Pass language exam (B1/B2 or equiv.) At entry:
Pass language exam within 6 months of entry (A1)
After entry: Participate in obligatory integration program
-- (Though see below)
Economic resources, stability, self-support Bank guarantee: 100 000 DKK (for spousal entry)
Adequate housing (20+ m2/ person)
Record of self-support
Record of employment
Fee: 6000 DKK (€805) (does not apply to family applying to join refugees) --
Age limit Over 24 years (for spousal entry) Over 24 years Under 15 years
Domestic violence record Must show none Must show none  
Length of residence 11+ years if not entered through asylum (perm. res. for 3+; may be 9 total if achieved perm. res. using extra qual. introduced in 2016); if refugee, 1 year; if temporary protected status, 3 years -- --
Attachment to country Greater than to any other country (as couple, for spousal entry) Children 8 or older with one parent still in country of origin must be evaluated to have ‘potential for successful integration.’