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Table 2 Comparison of present and anticipated financial issues faced by Sri Lankan migrants in Qatar

From: The economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on Sri Lankan migrants in Qatar

Type of financial difficulty faced The proportion of respondents currently faced with the financial issue The proportion of respondents’ who expect they will face the financial issue in the near future
Pay cuts 49.5% 54.0%
Delays in salary payments 19.6% 31.0%
Loss of job 9.3% 42.0%
Loss of gratuity 2.1% 22.0%
Loss of allowances and bonuses 9.3% 36.0%
Loss of savings 24.7% 37.0%
Difficulty to remit to Sri Lanka 16.5% 19.0%
Difficulty to repay debts 20.6% 22.0%
Difficulty to pay rent 12.4% 19.0%
Difficulty to cover food and other basic expenses 9.3% 13.0%
No financial difficulties 33.0% 7.0%
  1. Source: Survey data (June 2020)