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  1. If migration studies in the 1990s were marked by the predominance of the “national models” approach, the early 2000s have seen an increasing rebuttal to this approach. This paper contributes to the debate by e...

    Authors: Elke Winter
    Citation: Comparative Migration Studies 2015 2:2010029
  2. In the context of immigration and settlement, Canada and Germany are often portrayed as opposites: Canada represents a settler society and Germany an ethnic nation. The different approaches and attitudes of th...

    Authors: Harald Bauder
    Citation: Comparative Migration Studies 2015 2:2010009
  3. The development of cooperation on asylum and migration matters in the European Union (EU) has often been explained as the result of ‘venue-shopping’, that is, the move by national policy-makers to a new EU pol...

    Authors: Christian Kaunert, Sarah Léonard and Ulrike Hoffmann
    Citation: Comparative Migration Studies 2015 1:1010179
  4. In public debates over multiculturalism in Europe, Islamic values and ways of life are commonly represented as incompatible with Western rights and liberties. Against this background, Muslim minorities have de...

    Authors: Karen Phalet, Mieke Maliepaard, Fenella Fleischmann and Derya Güngör
    Citation: Comparative Migration Studies 2015 1:1010123
  5. Are unequal societies more migratory? The position of this paper is: not necessarily, it depends on the type of inequality. By proposing horizontal and vertical inequality between and within ethnic groups as s...

    Authors: Mathias Czaika
    Citation: Comparative Migration Studies 2015 1:1010097
  6. Set within the growing literature on migration and development, this paper has two interlinked objectives. First, it examines remittances, a key element of the migration-development nexus, from a gendered pers...

    Authors: Russell King, Diana Mata-Codesal and Julie Vullnetari
    Citation: Comparative Migration Studies 2015 1:1010069
  7. In recent decades millions of people have migrated to the democracies of North America and Western Europe. Some of these immigrants have become citizens of their new homelands, while others remain foreign resi...

    Authors: Alex Street
    Citation: Comparative Migration Studies 2015 1:1010023
  8. The paper presents and critically discusses the different types of comparison developed in migration studies with a special attention to European literature. It then identifies missing topics and issues to be ...

    Authors: Marco Martiniello
    Citation: Comparative Migration Studies 2015 1:1010007

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